Sammy Brett Kissel - Coffee with Her Checking-in from Frothy Monkey in Franklin! Sheri Little Big Town - Pontoon Good Morning Charlotte, See you guys out on the lake! Jason Aldean Jason Aldean - My Kinda Party Come check out my new place on Broadway Street, Nashville's Southern eatery and saloon. It has four levels with live music, TV sports, a gift shop, and a rooftop bar...

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“We receive numerous requests from country music bands worldwide to feature their songs on Wild Country Radio.

However, we will only select one song per week that we believe is suitable for Country Music Radio and is ready to be introduced to our listeners.

Our audience is the ultimate judge of whether the featured band and their song is worthy of being broadcasted on our station.”

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    Wild Country Music Radio – Our mission is to delight and entertain by playing the best Country Music from the past decades.

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